The Sketchbook Project 2012 ltd. ed. finished


In her Light


The Sun

8 april 2012 Nollestrand

8 april 2012 Nollestrand, a set on Flickr. Ondanks de magere weersvoorspellingen, hadden we een heerlijke dag aan het strand. Met volop inspiratie voor nieuw werk!


There was much more to March than I wrote about yesterday. It was a month filled with joy and flow as well as with deep sorrow. After much debate and many tears, we… Continue reading

Hello world!

It’s April! And I’m back! After a few first restless March days of breaking my (online media) habit, I can’t believe how fast a month went by. March was a very fruitful month… Continue reading

IF: Shades “Ripples”


Found my muse…

Just peeping in for a wee moment…to let you know that being away from Facebook and not blogging for a while is working like a charm. I’m sketching, drawing and painting fulltime and… Continue reading

IF: Yield – “Sous le Coeur l’Âme”