Whoa! Summer holiday!

Summer? Ehrm…well, beFORE the summer holiday we had heatwaves here. Sun, summer, sun and summer. But when our holiday started, the sky was clad in clouds and has been so ever since. And on an off it will rain fat summer rains.

But, we manage to amuse ourselves pretty good, actually! The evening are colored by some of our movies that I’m seeing for a second time and the days are playful and busy. Yesterday we went to Castlefest again. The best fantasy fair we’ve got in our country. It’s literally marvellous!!! I can’t stop speaking of the creativity and beauty there is in such a place…people dressed up so gorgeously…sigh…it’s really something you don’t want to miss. For the kids it’s pretty great too. Except perhaps when Sauron suddenly appeared in the crowd…

How impressive, so hear the thumping of such evil footsteps so nearby…

And on our tour around the festival terrain, my daughters met the mischievous little trolls every now and then….

So, if one troll results in such magic smiles…what do you think a whole group of them will do?

So, we’re not doing anything overly exciting here…..which is just as well right now.

Oh, but how could I forget? We ARE doing exciting things here! We’re learning Poi dancing or Poi spinning…look at this wonderful lady doing it like it should be done…

We bought the kids each a pair of kids’ poi and I actually got myself a pair as well…with white veils on them. No, no, no vids just yet. But who knows what crazy things I may do in the future…?