In the process of packing and sorting out my attic, I am letting go of some art supplies I no longer use. There’s a fair amount of that and I’m figuring out what to do with it. Give it away, keep it for the girls or sell it.

Now, I have this rather huge lot of Sculpey polymer clay up for sale on a Dutch auction site. It’s all new and good stuff and I thought I could get about 2/3 of the new price for it. But so far, people aren’t bidding more than 1/4 of it. It makes me a little angry and feels like they want to rob me, almost. But at the same time it’s an indication what these art supplies are worth when selling 2nd-hand. Not very much.

Bidders have even moved on to bidding with half euros now, having bid only half of what I want to have for it. So, I guess this is pretty much it. And now it’s up to me: sell it well under its worth? Or keep it for myself and the girls because it has more value to me anyway? I mean, there are still tons of projects in my head with this stuff…art boxes, journal covers, wall art….. Perhaps I can make this huge lot of clay into something that has greater value…