Our Mystery has got a Father!!!

Remember our little mystery last week? When we found this by the sea:

Well, our little Mystery seems to have a father! Like Marlin went to Sydney to find Nemo, this dad came to our street (!!! not kidding !!!) to find his little son. Or daughter. You see, the day I posted my mystery on my blog, my husband came back from a walk with the dogs, all excited. Look, he said. Look what I found! And he showed me a much larger version of our own little mystery. So, here they are…reunited:

But, please, help me out, here. WHAT are they? Are they invaders from outer space (which Brian Cox tells so deliciously about)? Are they remains of sharks? Pheasants with dorsal fins? Or just chicken breasts or something? Please…anyone?

Some more images to spark your zoölogical knowledge or imagination:

So happy together…

Or so I hope…