Creating my own TRULY personal paint box

Believe it or not, but three months after the move across our little country, I’m still in no way unpacked. Our clothes and daily necessities are out of the box, but all the rest remains hidden in who knows which of the 100 boxes that are left. I’m not too tight about things like that, but after those months of chaos, I am running into more and more situations where I get really frustrated with not being able to get to my stuff.

That’s when I need color therapy! Especially when it’s a color I’m after, sure I have it, but cannot find it, not even in the last box I unpack for the so manieth time…

Anyway….I did really, absolutely and urgently need some extra colors. And since I wasn’t using a handful of the pans in my 36-half pan Rembrandt box, I decided to buy some really lovely colours and toss that handful out. Aaaaaahhh…such sweet color chasing. This store owns the hand-painted color charts of all brands, which made it super to choose…

I went for Schmincke, but ended up buying half Horadam, half Winsor&Newton Artitsts’. They’re equal in quality, but to my feel Schmincke lifts easier off the pans with your wet brush than the W&N. BUT!!! Seriously! Those W&N guys have managed to create the brightest of pinks in their watercolor line…”Opera Rose”. If you don’t have it and are into color, you MUST absolutely pick up your purse RIGHT NOW and go get it. Or stop reading this for a bit and order it online. It is a fabulous pink that I’ve found in no other water color before. Usually they look washed off or bland. But this one…oh my, I’ve never been much of a pink girl, but this is irresistible.

As you can see, I bought “cobalt turquoise” of both W&N and Schmincke. One seemed more greenish than the other and I wasn’t sure which one would fit better into my paint box. I ended up choosing Schmincke’s version because of the brighter blueish hue. I’m keeping the other for a refill. W&N won the race with their green gold. It was a little brighter in color and the way it sticks to the paper seems more organic and natural.

Can’t wait to get working with them!