Today’s work and cuteness

This afternoon I decided to try a small gouache…to train myself for the big one I’ve planned. I intended a sketch, but as I worked on it, it grew on me…and now that it’s finished, I really love it…

“Little Star” in progress…

One thing I learned today, is that I really need a bigger palette. I have three of these plates and 12 tea-bag cups to mix in, but still I was making new colours on pieces of foiled cardstock… As I work more with gouache, I’m beginning to really love it. The colours are matte, but deep and velvety. More tangible than watercolour and yet I work with it the same way as I work with watercolor. Fortunately I have a birthday coming up in a little over a month. I can feel a gouache-shopping spree coming up! Oh…and pastel on gouache for some final colour depth is just awesome!

I don’t think I’ve ever introduced Da Billie to y’all. Well…here he is…Da Billie! He’s a 5-year old guinea pig and has recently recovered from a rather huge surgery…he had a tumor just below his here left ear the size of a walnut…huge! It had grown within 48 hours, so chances are fairy big it was malignant. The vet could not predict whether or not the tumor will grow back. Seeing how aggressively it grew, the odds aren’t favorable. Some people said to me: “A 140-dollar surgery when a new one costs only 14 dollars?!?! You must be out of your mind!” But the way I see it, is that once you take a pet into your home, you’re responsible for its happiness and wellbeing. There are boundaries, of course, but mine are a long way from home! Billie’s a really awesome guinea pig and bestest friends with our eldest…how can you tell the vet to simply put an end to its life and get a new one? Okay, probably many people can, but not us. We simply won’t!

I mean, look at him here! Even Silke’s fond of him. For a minute I thought she was going to bite his head off. But she was so careful not to hurt him and behaved as she would to a little puppy…she softly wagged her tail and gave Billie a tiny lick on the side of his mouth….aahhhhhhhhhhhhh! See? Billie brings out the best in this otherwise totally overboard Corgi! So, for now Billie’s here to stay. He’s being cuddled for hours on end and we’ll keep our fingers crossed that our tlc and a very good surgeon keep the tumor cells away!