I don’t sketch much or sometimes not even at all. But sometimes…

…I sketch on my pen tablet. It’s quite different from sketching on paper. It allows for super quick and keep-your-desk-clean play. It doesn’t allow for very long lines because of the limitations of the size of your tablet whereas you can pick any size paper you like. But the absolute plus over sketching on paper is that you can push the ‘undo’ button. And ‘redo’. I like sketching in Corel Sketchpad which is pretty much the same as a spiral-bound sketchbook…you can even flip through the pages. Bur rather than copying your sketch to the next page, you can easily duplicate the page and then alter it. That way you can start with a very rough sketch, copy, work it  to more and more detail in various copies and save the entire process which is pretty interesting. It’s easy and fast digitally.

The above sketch is the first rough sketch for my new painting. Here I was playing with lines and atmospheres. My puppet player turned into an evil witch in the next sketches and is now toning back down to a really lovely woman figure again…and speaking of her…it’s time I get back to her…I’d like to get a decent amount of work done on her before my girls chatter my ears off again this afternoon!