My name’s Mandy van Goeije. I paint, draw, write, journal and teach Art Journaling in the Netherlands. I’m also a mother of two girls and owner of a petting zoo-in-a-house! So, my life’s never boring and offers me lots of inspiration for journal pages as well as for drawings and paintings.

Besides in my own life, I find inspiration in poems, stories and especially in music. I consider life to be a massive collection of lessons that we must never stop taking. No matter how old we are, we never know it all. We may master a few skills here and there and acquire some wisdom that comes very close to being right about something. But in essence, life keeps bringing lessons to our feet that require new insight, the learning of new skills and sometimes even breaking with what we always held to be true.

We should be grateful for these lessons. They make our lives continually exciting and new. They help us see new colors and new perspectives that open new worlds to us. They allow us to grow and fly higher.

An Art Journal is a fab way to gain awareness of these lessons and of the things we have learned or have yet to learn. It’s relaxing, exciting and a safe place to develop artistic skills, experiment and feel like a real artist for a moment…for the audience of only those you invite in. Keeping an Art Journal is not a way of life, but the best thinkable way to record each step you take in it. Whether aware of them or not.