See you in April! + first Vlog…

It’s precisely one year after our big move and I’m all settled in my studio now. And with my new computer working like a charm, it’s high time to get back to work.… Continue reading

Doing my homework

I’m taking drawing lessons again!!! And I’m enjoying myself to bits and pieces! Have drawn countless faces yesterday and this morning…it’s addictive to see the expressions grow under my fingertips. I used to… Continue reading

Setting her free

Journal page in inks. Young children grow up…and each day it is your duty as a parent to let them go…a little more every day. Not always the easiest of our tasks.

As one book closes, another opens

Journal page in acrylics.

IF: Capable

Finally I had a good work day! Did a painting in my art journal. And here’s what my work top looks like at good times like that: In the left bottom corner, you… Continue reading

Ah…I’m just in that phase…

IF: Fluid

“Little fish, little fish Deep down in the sea Hear my wish, hear my wish And fulfill it just for me.” — Fluid painting…no brushes have been used. Inks on collaged background.


While our garden was flocked with birds, I spent almost the entire day making these doodles on collage backgrounds. They got better all the time! If I find the time today…

Tree #2

Collage and ink


New computer installed…and I can’t begin to tell you what a relief it is to have a computer that actually WORKS!!! Can you believe the thrill that I feel when it does what… Continue reading