Het Schenge – 2012 January

Het Schenge – 2012 January, a set on Flickr. We had a wonderful day on a dike Advertisements

A truly wonderful book

A truly wonderful source of knowledge and inspiration on archetypical symbols is this book. Het boek der symbolen for the Dutch reader. Book of Symbols for the English reader. Other than all the… Continue reading

What are we really?

Hello 2012!

Dear 2012, I am totally ready for you! I’ve switched on the power… And I’ve pumped some energy into making my studio ready for some serious work! Here’s where I can make small… Continue reading

Red White and Black

Red White and Black – pen and ink calligraphy I’ve been working on my pen and ink skills lately. This is one of the pages I made.

New Year’s Resolutions

After spending a lovely New Year’s weekend with equally lovely friends, we got home yesterday and there’s a growing sense of a new beginning. A new year. First of all, I want to… Continue reading

Living on the edge of town

(click here for bigger) For the past two decades I didn’t really “experience” the weather conditions very much. Because I lived in houses that stood in the midst of other houses. But this… Continue reading

So Hard

(click here for bigger) I spent the past few days reading books by Lynda Barry. And her books hit home. It’s a clear case of reading the right thing at the right time.… Continue reading

Meet the white blackbird!

This fellow was in our garden for weeks after we’d moved into this house. He mated, raised a nest of chicks and then disappeared for the summer and the fall. Today he came… Continue reading

Sometimes you just feel that way…

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